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The 12 animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac play a big role in improving one's PAHT CHEE destiny. Just carrying your "ally" or "secret friend" goes a long way in enhancing the luck pillars of your life chart. For each animal sign, certain animals also ignite a special quality in you... carry these delightful charms to boost your personal luck levels! 

If your animal sign is RAT, carry the Dragon for wealth, the Monkey for benefactor luck and the Ox for good friendships.

If your animal sign is OX, carry the Snake for prosperity, the Rooster for vitality and the Ratfor friendship.

If your animal sign is TIGER, carry the Dog brings you success, the Horse brings you courage and the Boar brings you friendship.

If your animal sign is RABBIT, carry the Dog for friendship, the Sheep for heaven luck and the Boar for victory.

If your animal sign is DRAGON, carry the Rat brings industriousness, the Monkey brings intelligence and the Rooster brings success.

If your animal sign is SNAKE, carry the Rooster brings success, the Ox brings strength and the Monkey brings loyal friends.

If your animal sign is HORSE, carry the Sheep for love, the Tiger for courage and the Dogfor victory.

If your animal sign is SHEEP, carry the Horse brings you love, the Boar brings you victory, and the Rabbit brings you support.

If your animal sign is MONKEY, carry the Dragon brings you success, the Snake brings you support and the Rat brings you fun.

If your animal sign is ROOSTER, carry the Ox for determination, the Snake for completion luck and the Dragon for fulfillment.

If your animal sign is DOG, carry the Tiger brings you excitement, the Horse brings you love and the Rabbit brings you encouragement.

If your animal sign is BOAR, carry the Rabbit brings you inner strength, the Sheep brings you romance, and the Tiger brings you courage.