Tiger Horoscope Book Bundle 2018

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Lillian Too's 2018 Fortune and Feng Shui Horoscope Books, Diary and Almanac are available today for PREORDER only.

Once books are published and received in the USA warehouse (early November 2017) your order will be shipped promptly to you.
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The TIGER in 2018 feels superbly energized. There are excellent indications that the year will be one of powerful vigour and success-bringing vitality. Your life force reading is excellent, you inner chi potency is very good, and the Earth Seal Star in your compass sector in this year of Double Earth makes it a powerful auspicious star! Collectively, your good stars enhance your spiritual aura, curb illness chi and enables you to benefit from the Star of Big Auspicious. The blight in your year indication is the presence of the quarrelsome star of #3 number three, which brings conflicts and unnecessary hostility. You need  to suppressa this.

The Tiger

  1. Place enhancing amulet to strengthen your EARTH SEAL STAR
  2. Place BIG AUSPICIOUS inside the home in the NE
  3. Hang WINDHORSE victory flag on the highest point of your house
  4. Strongly suppress the #3 star with feng shui remedies
  5. Wear the OM pendant to jumpstart your good fortune energies