Lillian Too's Secrets of Your Birth Chart

$ 26.80

Everyone has questions about their future, and here is where the art of unlocking the secret of your Chinese birth chart can reveal clear and deep insights about your destiny. In her new book "Secret of Your Birth Chart" , Lillian Too breaks down the method of reading your own Paht Chee into easy-to-follow steps, and reveals in great depth all the influences that will shape the highs and lows of your future. Completely revised and fully-illustrated, this comprehensive new book answers your most burning questions about your destiny:
  • Do I have the luck to become rich?
  • When will I get my first lucky break?
  • Will I ever get married or have children?
  • Wii I become famous like Madonna?
  • What kind of man (or woman) will be compatible with me?

Lillian explains the nuances of pinpointing the timing of the one's luck phases and offers excellent advice on how to correct obstacles or missing elements that block potential to success and happiness. This book also includes BRAND NEW chapters to address additional "Secret Stars" and "Clashes and Penalties" not available in any of her previous Paht Chee books!