Ox Horoscope Book Bundle 2018

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Lillian Too's 2018 Fortune and Feng Shui Horoscope Books, Diary and Almanac are available today for PREORDER only.

Once books are published and received in the USA warehouse (early November 2017) your order will be shipped promptly to you.
Depending on your location, you can expect your delivery in late November, early December 2017.


The OX in 2018 enjoys excellent "lung ta", which brings spectacular success luck. You also sit next to the Star of Big Auspicious. There are good business prospects and exciting new opportunities coming your way. Much good luck can manifest for you this year, including some powerful victories. But the #3 star indicates hostility and the bitterness of fighting energies can cast a long shadow. Unless you use the placement of powerful feng shui remedies to neutralize poison arrows aimed at you, your low spirit essence can make you vulnerable to your own weaknesses. Wear amulets at all times, especially the large OM pendant.

The OX

  1. Display Big Auspicious to divert good luck your way
  2. Hang Victory Banner of the WINDHORSE to activate lung ta
  3. Wear King Gesar's mantra ring to strengthen your WEALTH luck.
  4. Place AMULETS to overcome the Year Killing energy star.
  5. Strongly suppress the #3 star with feng shui remedies