2 Q Lillian Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2018 Rabbit

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The RABBIT in 2018 is feeling confident and very strong indeed, brought by more than encouraging indications in your life force and spirit essence. This sign enjoys splendid success luck and there is victory coming your way in spite of tough situations and the challenge of people betraying your trust. There is stress arising from the nasty 7 star, which brings duplicity and treachery. You must wear the HUM pendant to dispel these betrayals and to stay strong in spite of gossip and backbiting. Let the successes that come your way ignite your amazing resilience. Rejoice that your lung ta, the powerful indicator of success, is at a very high level.

The Rabbit

  1. Suppress the #7 star with the powerful Anti-Betrayal Amulet
  2. Place the BIG AUSPICIOUS enhancer in the home in the East
  3. Display the beautiful WINDHORSE to activate success luck
  4. Invite the sacred Mansion of Guru Rinponche to maximize success
  5. Wear the HUM pendant to protect against business enemies