Lillian Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2018 Dragon - Special Offer!!!

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The DRAGON in 2018 benefits hugely from the feng shui star of 8, which brings abundance and success and also enhances your vitality. The strength of the #8 winds as ruler of the current period overrides the weaker aspects of this year's other indications affecting your sign. So it is extremely beneficial to activate the #8 star by prominently displaying the mansion of the powerful Lord of all Protectors, the great Guru Rinponche. This will overcome obstacles that block you from achieving all that you want. Balance the shortage of the METAL element in this year's Annual Paht Chee chart by hanging metallic windchimes, and wear the King Gesar ring to protect your weak spirit assets.

The Dragon

  1. Invite the sacred Mansion of Guru Rinponche for maximum success
  2. Display TAI SUI PLAQUE to appease the God of the year
  3. Place the BIG AUSPICIOUS enhancer in the home in the East
  4. Must hang the WINDHORSE prayer flag for  success luck
  5. Hang Buddha PALM and FOOTPRINT wind chimes