2 L Lillian Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2018 Dog

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The DOG in 2018 enjoys the powerful victory feng shui star of #1, which brings chi. Patriarchal energy benefits from qui ren or benefactor luck, as this is your year. As the central dominating energy of the year is 9, this creates the sum-of-ten combination with the Victory Star in the Dog sector. Displaying nine dogs in the NW brings the special magic of this excellent combination. You also benefit from the strong support of the TAI SUI. Thus compensates fro the low level of your personal lung ta, hence strengthening the power of the TAI SUI is especially important. Manifest prosperity this year!

The Dog

  1. Display your allies - the Victory, Tribute and Windhorses
  2. An auspicious year to welcome Wealth Deities, the 5 Dzambhalas
  3. Fill FU DOG Treasue Chests with jewels for prosperity luck
  4. Reflect success energies with silver/golden PEACOCK MIRRORS
  5. Place 9 Dogs next to the TAI SUI plaque for maximum luck