Lillian Too Fortune and Feng Shui 2017 Horse

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The HORSE in 2017 is afflicted by the powerful wu wang. This negative Earth wind is fierce and causes severe misfortune. Bad luck and health issues will emerge; and at the work place, it can cause some havoc. But the wu wang can be overcome by the placement of powerful feng shui remedies, and we explain this in detail within. The Horse's life force and spirit essence in this Rooster Year of 2017 are happily at very high levels and with the correct empowering cures, you can ride out afflictions and transform them into abundance!

Activate your inner fire by wearing a golden Windhorse. This enhances your lung ta and complements the strength of your life force. Wear the powerful Hum syllable to cosmically subdue the five yellow and display the potent Triple Five Element Pagoda. Your best month is in June when Fire energy is strong. Balance this with Water by displaying the powerful Water Wheel, which also transforms all negative energy into good fortune frequencies. Keep the wheel turning through the year, to experience the bliss of victory at year end.