2 I Guru Rinpoche Merit Field Giclee Print

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The Guru Rinpoche Merit field invites the presence and blessings of all the highest enlightened beings and their powerful protectors. All important sages of the Mahayana and Hinayana traditions are represented in this thangka and thus prayers and blessings can be actualized a lot quicker and much easier. For one to achieve wealth, happiness and love in this life, one needs to have sufficient karmic merit. The Guru Rinpoche Merit field makes it incredibly easy for one to accumulate an extraordinary amount of karmic merit simply by making offerings of flowers, water, incense and food to the Guru Rinpoche Merit field. The presence of this thangka in one�s home invokes the protection of all the Buddhas and their protectors, thus inviting 84,000 blessings and overcoming 84,000 obstacles.