Chinese Book Bundle

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Book # 1  - Lillian Too's Symbols of Good Fortune (Chinese) - reg. retail price $24.99

Symbolism is a very important and integral part of feng shui practice. Symbols of good fortune are incorporated into many decorative objects we display in homes and offices and knowing their meanings adds depth and substance to the practce. The symbolism of shapes and colors also adds hidden dimensions to our practice in the same way that the elements add strength to the chi energy we live with. This indespensable book is now available in North America in a Chinese language edition. It contains full-color illustrations and in-depth references on all the most popular goood fortune symbols. Learn what brings prosperity luck, what causes improved health, what can help attract love and romance and what brings continuous success."

Book # 2 - Personalized Feng Shui Tips (Chinese) - reg. retail price $19.99

This book of personalised tips by Lillian Too is very easy to use, and is suitable for both absolute beginners who want to know how Feng Shui can help their lives, as well as those who are better acquainted with the practice and wish to know some useful tips to enhance their homes, relationships, careers, wealth luck, and many more! Power-packed with easy-to-implement tips and advice, practical examples and amusing anecdotes, this is a gem of a book!

Book # 3 - Basic Feng Shui (Chinese) - reg. retail price $19.99

Lillian Too's series of international bestsellers on the practice of feng shui have simplified and demystified this ancient Chinese practice for her hundreds of thousands of readers all over the world. Many have succeeded in enhancing their feng shui in the process achieving their aspiration and improving their lives... in this latest book, she responds to the numerous requests to make feng shui even easier to undersatnd and practice. Without losing the essence of this wonderful science, and focusing on the feng shui's fundamentals, LILLIAN TOO'S BASIC FENG SHUI is all you need to keep the endless chi flowing abundantly into your living space....