Boar Horoscope Book Bundle 2017

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Lillian Too's 2017 Fortune and Feng Shui Horoscope Books, Diary and Almanac are available today for PREORDER only.
Once books are published and received in the USA warehouse (early November 2017) your order will be shipped promptly to you.
Depending on your location, you can expect your delivery in late November, early December 2017.

The BOAR in 2017 benefits from excellent life force, dominant inner chi potency, and the presence of the Golden Deity Star. These enhance your spiritual aura, helping you curb illness afflictions. The Boar's luck radiates inwards and outwards and personal popularity hits high notes. You are strong and smart, and your inner vitality makes you ready to take on any challenge. Your elemental astrology is at its highest levels, so you can reach for the skies. Use correct and powerful feng shui elemental magnifiers and remedies to subdue illness obstacles and reinforce your personal lung ta energy.

Spring brings excellent combinations of flying star numbers making March and April extremely lucky. In March, you enjoy the sum-of-ten and this is followed by the Ho Tu of 2/7 in April. This brings potent windfall luck your way. These lucky combinations come your way again at year end in the months of December and January, so you are sure to end the year with great good fortune. Make sure you get the enhancers that unlock the luck of these indications. This year, you must wear the Windhorse in gold to magnify your weak lung ta.