X Big & Small Auspicious Mirror

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Specially designed to activate and capture the luck brought by Big and Small Auspicious stars from the 24 Mountain Chart.

  • The Year of Rooster is blessed with 2 Big Auspicious Stars and 4 Small Auspicious Stars
  • Big Auspicious Stars brings excellent luck in careers, promotion and business.
  • Small Auspicious Stars makes your life smooth and increases success in all endeavours.

In 2017, activate these stars by placing this mirror in any of these locations.

  • Small Auspicious Stars in the Southeast benefit the following signs: Snake and Dragon
  • Small Auspicious Stars in the Southwest benefit the following signs: Sheep and Monkey
  • Big Auspicious Stars in the North benefit the Rat and Ox
  • Big Auspicious Stars in the Northeast benefit the Ox
  • For all other signs: activating the Big or Small Auspicious star in locations that you spend time (Bedroom, living room or study) brings great benefits to you.