1P 8 Wealth Trees

$ 199.00 $ 288.97

This beautiful Cluster of Wealth Trees was created to activate the auspicious positive energy brought by the Prosperity Star #8 in the Year of the Rooster (2017).

  • Beautifully crafted enhancer featuring Eight strong and powerful Wealth Trees
  • In 2017, the annual Prosperity Star flies into the East location.
  • Hence there is wonderful prosperity energy from this location which can enhance the wealth creation and income levels for everyone who activates this location.
  • The Prosperity Star brings wonderful opportunities to make money and increase business.
  • Due to the enhancing power and positive potential of this star, we highly recommend everyone, especially all business professionals who wish to have a greater money-making opportunities ahead.

Strongly recommended for:

  • Everyone wishing for better financial health and prosperity Luck
  • Anyone living in East Bedrooms or have entrances in the East
  • All those born in year of Rabbit, and Eldest Sons of the family