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2018 Almanac + 2018 Horse Horoscope Book


This fully illustrated feng shui guide has been specially designed to enhance your full potential in 2018, the year of the EARTH DOG. It uses the traditional Chinese calendar to assist you in selecting the best and most auspicious days & times for activities and events such as weddings, renovations, travelling, opening a business and more. This almanac includes auspicious and inauspicious activities, daily earthly branch and conflict animal, and good, average and unlucky hours.

Power-packed with practical application tips and frequently used tables and charts, this feng shui almanac will prove to be your indispensable desktop companion. Featuring auspicious dates and times for scheduling important events plus Flying Stars, Renovation Rules, Astrology Affinities, Good and Bad Luck Stars and more!

Horse Horoscope Book

The Horse in 2018 enjoys the luck of the Peach Blossom. Everyone loves you this year because the feng shui winds blow warm energies of love your way. It is a good idea to strengthen your Peach Blossom Luck and take strong measures to galvanize your life force. This expands your knowledge and broadens your wisdom energies, helping you achieve peak performance at work this year. The Horse recovers from last year's wu wang weaknesses, but the chi energy requires strengthening. You need METAL element energies around you to balance the elements of the year. Where powerful amulet jewellery accessories and invite in holy objects to strengthen home chi.

The Horse

  1. Bring in Guru Rinponche's Mansion to strengthen love energy
  2. Enhance Peace Blossom luck with the 4 cardinal animal sign images
  3. Display three HORSES to dispel killing energies from the North
  4. Invite King Gesar statue with aura of Wermas and Dralas
  5. Hang Buddha PALM and FOOTPRINT windchimes to enhance METAL